Loose Skin in Dogs

  • November 12, 2023

There are a variety of reasons for your pet’s loose skin. Genetics play a large role, with some breeds of dogs predisposed to have loose and wrinkled skin. These breeds include Shar Peis, Chinese Crested Dogs, Pugs, Saint Bernards and other members of the mastiff family including the Neapolitan Mastiff. Additionally, fluctuations in your pet’s body weight can cause the skin to become droopy and less taut than it was previously.

Is it normal for dogs to have loose skin?

Regardless of whether your saggy skin dog is caused by genetics or due to changes in their body weight, it’s important that you take them to a veterinarian. They can provide you with a definitive diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment for your pet going forward.

Some of the more common causes of loose skin in dogs are heredity, Cushing’s disease and aging. The condition Cutaneous Asthenia (Ehler-Danlos Syndrome) is also known to cause sagging and droopy skin in dogs. This is a genetic mutation that can be dominant or recessive, meaning that one or both of the parents may have the mutated gene with no symptoms present in either of them.

While some people believe that dogs with saggy skin are obese, the reality is that most of these pets are at or near their ideal body weight. Their saggy skin simply adds to their adorable appearance and helps them look more majestic. Their wrinkly folds serve a purpose as well, helping them survive in fights by deterring predators and protecting their throats, ears, and nose from being punctured during confrontations.