Tennis Court Maintenance Tips

  • November 3, 2023

Tennis Court Maintenance

Whether your court is a home or public facility regular Tennis Court Maintenance is essential for a long life and healthy playing surface. Keeping your courts free from tripping hazards, cracks and other damage will keep players safer while minimizing the cost of repair and replacement.

During routine maintenance check that all cracks are repaired as soon as they appear. The longer cracks remain open, the more the pressure will increase on surrounding areas of your court which will ultimately cause a larger and more costly crack.

Keep walkways around your courts clear of debris like leaves and pine needles, sand and dirt. Leaving this material on the courts can create tripping hazards and prematurely wear your colorcoating. Walkways should also be kept free of grass, mulch and weeds which can get tracked onto the courts causing similar problems.

Maintaining Clay Tennis Courts: A Step-by-Step Approach

After rain events remove standing water as quickly as possible. Long term standing water softens the coatings & allows the ultra violet rays of the sun to oxidize your asphalt court pavement.

A rubber-bladed or roller-type squeegee is ideal for removing standing water. Two squeegees are recommended per court to minimize the amount of time needed for the court to dry. Surface pressure washers can be used but caution should be taken when using them. If used improperly, the high pressure and holding the tip close to the surface can damage the coatings. A mild combination of 2 parts household bleach and one part water can be used to scrub off any mold or mildew that may be present on the court.