Strawberry Gelato Strain

strawberry gelato strain

Bringing to you a new strain in the cannabis world, Strawberry Gelato Strain is an Indica hybrid with a THC level of 18-21%.

A perfect strawberry gelato strain for recreational and medical purposes, this bud has a subtle mental boost that works its warming tendrils into your brain. It helps push out any racing thoughts and leaves you feeling happy and relaxed from head to toe.

This cannabis is a great choice for patients who need help coping with stress, depression, chronic fatigue and headaches or migraines. It also helps relieve muscle spasms, insomnia and pain.

It has a fruity and dessert-like aroma that is reminiscent of strawberries and cream. It is a very potent and energizing strain that will keep you focused and creative throughout the day.

Strawberry Gelato: The Perfectly Balanced Cannabis Strain with a Fruity Twist

These cannabis seeds have been a popular seller in the UK for some time now and will not disappoint you. They produce high-quality buds that are ready for harvest in a short amount of time.

The taste of this strain is incredibly delicious. It has a strong strawberry flavor and lemon undertones that really make this strain stand out.

You can easily grow this weed indoors or outdoors. It requires a good amount of sunlight and is an easy plant to maintain.

The flowering period of this cannabis is around 9 weeks and produces a decent yield. It is an excellent strain for novices and seasoned gardeners. It is also a very fast-growing marijuana strain and will produce large buds in a short period of time.

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